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Eco Friendly Women's Flip Flops


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Flip flops are as essential to your wardrobe as breathing. Pristine Planet presents our selection of eco flip flops for everyday use. It does not matter whether you wear them everywhere or just at home, a good pair of eco flip flops is a must. We have assembled the finest selection of eco friendly and recycled flip flops online so you can view it right here.

Flops Shoes are constructed using all-natural, breathable and biodegradable latex rubber. We are not talking about the average rubber slipper here. These Thailand-made, fair trade slippers are made for comfort and durability.

Try a pair of recycled flip flops for an eco-friendly solution to the rubber filling up our landfills. Ocean Mindedís uses sustainable nylon and recycled Croslite to make an odor-resistant and extremely comfortable pair of recycled flip flops. Trendy enough to complement a summer outfit and sturdy enough to last through thousands of trips to the beach, Ocean Mindedís slippers are the perfect recycled flip flop for you.

Eco flip flops are not just about recycled and sustainable materials. Check out Sole Womenís stylish and pretty womenís flip flops. If you are looking for a cork-soled womenís flip flop that fits in with your feminine tastes, we have it right here. Each purchase comes with a charitable donation. Chaco Hipthongs not only use recycled materials for their flip flops, but also manufacture their slippers with your carbon footprint in mind. That makes it doubly eco-friendly.

Our vegan flip flops could be a great gift for your favorite plant eater. The Simple Cushee for Women is made with hemp, recycled rubber and paper pulp. You cannot go wrong with this periwinkle and pink slipper.

We are sure you will find an eco flip flop you will love. Handmade, hemp, certified organic, fair trade: you name it, we have an eco conscious flip flop right here at Pristine Planet.