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Keep your home planet friendly with this wide selection of eco friendly home décor. Cushion covers in Mehendi green are an attractive and colorful fair trade home décor idea for your space. They are built to add an interesting detail to your couch, bed or chair. The covers are made in 100% pure and natural cotton. It is made with hand-block batik in green and combined with careful hand embroidery. The product measures 16 inches by 16 inches.

In order to keep your jewelry safe and secure, place them in this Fire and Light Jewelry Cache. It is made from 100% recycled glass and can be put on your night stand or dresser. It can also contain important knick knacks such as keys, tweezers, buttons and other important things you may need. There are many uses for this jewelry case.

Need something to stop the drafts from your window? These energy saving draft blockers are especially crafted from 100% hemp fabric from Romania. They come in two weave choices: a darker fabric for a linen weave and a lighter fabric for a herringbone weave. Fragrant balsam fir tips from Maine are locally processed with scraps taken from trees that have already been cut.

For an eco friendly answer to a cooler or bistro table, try the half cask Bistro Table Barrel Cooler. Wrought iron legs allow the barrel portion to sit while the double hinged top allows you to get drinks from below. It also has a brass drain spout. The table barrel cooler has a diameter of 29 inches and stands 38 inches high.

The perfect bar accessory to complete you home is the On the Rocks Drink Chiller Set. Say goodbye to watered-downed drinks with this granite drink chiller set. The stones allow your beverage to chill well to the preferred drinking temperature.

Having an eco friendly home doesn't have to be limited to solar panels and non-toxic cleaning products. Even the home decor items in your home can have an eco friendly makeover. There are so many great eco friendly home decor items, you'll be able to find a lot of them that fit your style and would compliment your green home.

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I love this product. I bought two of them, one for me and one for my mom. I use it for as a bottle dryer, and my mom uses her for dinner parties so that guests can serve themselves. Its so rustic and sturdy!