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Eco Weddings


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More and more couples are opting for eco weddings to help minimize the impact of a ceremony that traditionally generates waste. Pristine Planet will help you find the perfect services for your eco green wedding as well as give you dozens of green wedding ideas.

Invitations are normally printed on expensive paper with petroleum inks—which are difficult to recycle. You can either send an email invite or choose to use eco-friendly paper invitations made from recycled paper with low-impact ink.

Print up guilt free programs, save the dates and invites with Twisted Limb Paperworks, where recycled means beautiful handmade paper you can fold and ink yourself. Why not send Grow-A-Note paper so your guests can plant wildflowers with your invites?

Eco weddings are not complete with low impact party favors for your entourage and special sponsors. Give Coco-Zen’s Fair Trade Truffles to your entourage or choose from an array of boutique-grade soaps made by Simmon’s Natural Bodycare.

Make your rings completely eco-friendly by using recycled gold or platinum. We provide a selection of beautiful wedding rings for happy couples that are guaranteed from reclaimed metals—you get to save the earth without compromising on the quality of your ring.

Green wedding ideas include having a dress made from vintage or organic cotton. For many women, the wedding dress is an important aspect of the wedding. You are sure to get the best of both worlds with BTC Elements create handmade gowns made with organic and reclaimed material. These gowns are so special you need to order them 6 months in advance!

It is so easy to turn your special day into an eco-friendly one. All you need to do is find the right services. Here at Pristine Planet we have all of these lined up for you. All you need to do is click.