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Eco Wedding Gifts


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Instead of a white wedding, have a green one! Pristine Planet wants to help you make the most of your special events with as little impact on the earth as possible. We have fantastic green wedding gifts for the eco-friendly couple. Whether you are inviting or attending, you will find the perfect gift here or find the perfect item to add to your green registry.

The first step for a green wedding is to go organic. If you are planning your wedding, this can mean organic food, alcohol and seasonal flowers. Organic wedding gifts can also make a huge difference. Any earth friendly bride or groom will appreciate 100% Organic Ebru Collection Bath Towels or Bright Trim Bath Sheets. List or give a Divine Aromatherapy Spa Tote for the wedding night.

There are many ways to turn your wedding green. Looking for recyclable and sustainable options when it comes to venues and activities can be one of them. Our eco wedding gifts are made from reclaimed materials make a beautiful contribution to a new couple’s life, so you can gift without guilt.

We recommend the Potter’s Coffee Mugs, made in a wind and hydro powered studio for that eco-friendly vibe. Craftsman’s Corner makes beautiful furniture from reclaimed wood pieces. Grandma’s Table, for example, has been recycled from antique and vintage wood that would otherwise have gone to the landfill or furnace.

Eco friendly wedding gifts need not to be expensive. Try Bambeco’s Cafe Organic Apron in Ivory or Slate Coaster Set, these will fit well within any budget. We also offer Arroyo Candle blocks made from soy to reduce petrochemical emissions at friendly prices that will not leave your guests feeling drained. We give you endless options because we know that being eco friendly does not have to mean expensive.

Turning your wedding into a green affair will have a huge impact on the earth. Your special day can also be a special day for the planet.