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If you want to play the role of grand dame in your home for an afternoon, then you better make sure you have eco tea ready to serve for your guests. Most people consider tea as the more sophisticated option, not to mention healthier as well.

Although cafes will definitely delight in expounding on the many health benefits of drinking coffee, at the end of the day you cannot deny the fact that there are more studies that have proven the health benefits of drinking tea over coffee.

Choosing eco tea is also like choosing a drink that best reflects not just your health needs but your personality as well. There is the Japanese Green Tea Oh-I-Ocha for instance, which has a serenely calming taste that is perfect for people who prefer to spend quiet evenings reading rather than partying the night away.

The Sweet Desert Delight Red Eco Tea, on the other hand, has that rather bold taste which is sure to be a delight for those who love to explore the outdoors and find beauty in earth’s hidden paradises.

If you have a fondness for the exotic however, then you will probably love Organic Teas with Attitude. This eco tea set comes in absolutely lovely tin cans with wickedly fun names like Mona’s Mysterious, Aphroditea’s, and Catty Kitty’s.

Here at Pristine Planet, we delight in providing you not just with the most delicious selection of eco teas but we also make sure that each and every one of them can be rightfully labelled as fair trade organic tea.

A lot of manufacturers turn a deaf ear to their conscience whenever they use the term ‘fair trade’ to describe their products. Here at Pristine Planet, however, we assure you that our eco tea products were made by happy workers using only the most natural and organic ingredients.

And remember happy workers and happy ingredients make the loveliest tasting eco teas. Give it a try. Take a sip and taste the ultimate difference.