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Live green with Pristine Planet’s eco friendly storage options. Get rid of clutter and organize your home with our attractive boxes, cube shelves, organizers and bookcases. We know that you want to have a neat, pretty home without putting a strain on the environment. We have searched and found beautiful earth-friendly items you will love to own.

An easy way to de-clutter any space is to use boxes to store knickknacks and organize other essentials. Krooom’s Opal storage boxes are made from 60% recycled paper yet durable enough to fit your needs. No need to worry about mold and softened edges because they are moisture resistant. They come in beautiful and adorable designs you will surely fall in love with.

Our Rubber Wood Eco Storage Box is made from sustainable wood and wood remnant that would otherwise be thrown away. Use these to organize your child’s room, your office or bedroom. The Cami the Cow Organic Hanging Wall Organizer is made from cotton and recycled felt to help organize toys, shoes and other items.

Take your eco storage a step further with our environmentally friendly furniture. You will never guess that our Rectangle Plus Bookcases are made from 100% recycled paper because it is strong enough to hold all your odds and ends, displays, books and even computer parts.

Recycled paper storage cubes lend a fun, modern twist to any apartment or home and can be used for different purposes. Stack them on top of each other, slide them under tables or even use them as an extra seat. They come in vibrant colors like blue, green, pink, red and espresso. They are strong, durable, water resistant and a snap to assemble.

Reducing your carbon footprint by using eco friendly storage is one way to help contribute to the green movement.