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Eco Pins


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Pins make a great statement when it comes to fashion and you will make a trendy splash with Pristine Planet’s assorted eco and recycled pins. If you love getting them, giving them away or buying them, these are the pins that your collection needs.

Give them away at parties or functions, or give them to your friends. They make awesome gifts, statements and pretty accessories to any outfit. Pin them to your bag, your favorite shirt or arrange them at your desk.

An eco pin does not have to make a statement to change the world, it can be environmentally friendly all on its own. We love the Wire Bicycle Pin that comes from Kenya. It is made by an organization that helps teenage mothers and girls in Africa. Each eco pin is made from recycled copper and steel. Each purchase you make helps the organization out—and you will get a pretty little bike to keep or give to a friend.

Support other organizations dedicated to sustainability by buying Fair Trade Coconut Shell Accessories, which are made in the Philippines by local tribes. Not only do they have eco pins, they have a ton of accessories that are the height of eco cool.

If you like your pins to say something, we love the Be the Change pin. It is embossed with Gandhi’s “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” quote, so you can remind yourself and others that change starts with you. A glass pin like Paloma Pottery’s Infused Pottery Cat Pin is a perfect gift for a cat owner or lover. Each glass pin is a one of a kind piece made from recycled and reclaimed glass.

Share them, gift them or keep them for yourself. We are certain you will love our eco pins so much you will not be happy with buying just one.