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Having a garden in your backyard or even in a tiny corner of your bedroom is like having a piece of heaven in your own home. Being able to inhale the scent of fresh dew, being able to touch the silky soft petals of flowers and being able to see tiny seeds sprout into life – these are just some of the few miracles of Nature that are always breath-taking to experience but we often take for granted.

A beautiful garden, whether built indoor or outdoor, deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. Consider it as returning the favour, if you will, for their ability to relax and soothe your senses. Surrounding your flower beds and bonsai trees with plastic chairs and toxic chemicals is like eating beef in front of an Indian.

You may not be doing anything physically harmful, but it is definitely insulting. And surely you really do not want to tempt Mother Nature’s wrath?

Besides, eco outdoor furniture is designed to be pretty as a picture. They may be admittedly more expensive than their non-eco-friendly counterparts, but rest assured that all of them have been designed to last for a lifetime – and stay beautiful till the very end.

Here at Pristine Planet, you will never lack of options to bring out the very best from your eco patio and garden.

We have the Large Dolphin Family Fountain to grace your pond or grotto – a wholesomely designed piece that is perfect for those who have a special fondness for these gentle sea mammals.

If it is an indoor garden you are caring for, then you can make your container gardening area less sterile and more natural with our Organic Basil Bamboo Growing Box.

Would you like to make your ec0 patio come alive with the chirping melodies of birds or, for a more exotic concert, the high-pitched cries of bats? If so, make sure you have our Coveside Bat Tower installed in the centre of your garden.

Gardens are always beautiful but never vividly so until they are cared for and surrounded with human warmth. Decorate them with eco-friendly pieces and enjoy your Zen-like nook!