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Are you especially fond of fridge magnets, or maybe know someone who collects them? These days, magnets are no longer regarded as simple decorative pieces on a refrigerator, but have become a useful tool to prop up notes, grocery lists, and bills.

In some cases, magnets are used as an excellent promotional and campaign material. And why not? With every household member opening and closing the fridge on an average of 3-5 times in a day, magnets are surefire way to keep anything or anyone of top of their minds.

A new breed of magnets is available here at Pristine Planet made from recycled and eco-friendly materials. These eco magnets are beautifully crafted pieces that are sure to stand out in any fridge. One popular collection in particular is the Thaicraft Recycled Paper Critter Magnet. If you have a thing for exotic creatures, get a bunch of these handmade magnets that can easily stand out on any fridge or file cabinet, with all 60 pieces beautifully crafted as exact replicas of the real thing. Of course, who can never pass up playing a prank with these critters?

Another bestseller is the Three by Three Bamboo Dry Erase Magnet Board. Unlike other pieces of recycled magnets, this one is specifically designed to be more functional and a bit austere. This eco magnet is perfect and fits right in any workplace, home interior or locker. With its real bamboo surface, have fun decorating and customizing it to fit your personal style.

Now, if you derive pleasure working in the kitchen, chances are, you have had problems with misplaced hand towels. It can be real frustrating to look for towels every now and then, right? With the Stick’Em Magnet Kitchen Bamboo and Organic Cotton Towel, you don’t have to worry about misplacing the towels again. Stick these eco magnets on the fridge or on the oven, and you’re all set.