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Romance is the language of the heart and when wooing your partner, you need to gauge his or her mood to know what words would best elicit a passionate response. Is your partner in the mood of tender, sweet, and flowery declarations? Perhaps your partner wants a soul-deep commitment that only actions and no words can define?

Romance is never predictable, and you will surely make your partner happy if you can come up with lovely heart-stopping surprises here and there. And we at Pristine Planet are perfectly ready to be your accomplice in your quest to steal your partnerís heart once more.

For a little eco love in the bathroom, consider using turning your bath into an erogenous adventure with a Natural Handmade Soap Bar Loverís Canister. Bubbles, soaps, and slippery touches Ė surely you see where this is going, donít you?

As for eco sex in your little haven at home, donít you think it is time to turn the bedroom into a place where your wildest fantasies may finally come to life? Just tuck the children in and lock the bedroom door. Light up some candles, play the kind of music to get you in the mood, and it is time to forget that a world exists outside your bedroom.

Here at Pristine Planet, we have made sure that you will be able to enjoy choosing from a selection designed to make you moan and blush Ė for the most delicious of reasons, of course.

If it is a natural personal lubricant you are in need of, then we have that covered. No journey to love will be too painful or rough when you use the Sliquid Organics Silk Personal Lubricant or the Organic Lubricant from Aloe Cadabra.

And just to spice things up to a sizzling hot climax, consider using as well the Nobessence Thrive Pelvic Toner or the Love Banditís Special Surprise.

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