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Eco Light Bulbs


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Candlelight may be sweet, romantic and idyllic but they’re also archaic and hazardous. We at Pristine Planet know the value and importance of lighting in creating and maintaining the proper mood for any occasion. That is why we offer over 300 lighting products and fixtures that you can choose from to set the perfect mood for the perfect event.

Whether it’s a Luau party or keeping a nursery well-lit and cozy, we have eco friendly light bulbs to fit every purpose.

Our eco light bulbs have undergone extensive testing to ensure that they are safe for any environment and are energy efficient.

We understand the need for tightening belts and wallets to face the tough economic times these days, that’s why we only promote eco light bulbs that can help you save on your electric bills without sacrificing safety and quality.

Looking to purchase Christmas and festive eco friendly light bulbs that will last more than one holiday season? Choose from a variety of string lights in different colors to bring your Christmas tree or rooftop to next level of fantastic.

These eco friendly LED lights are guaranteed to last for a long time without burning out or starting a fire. You may have heard of horror stories of light bulbs exploding out of nowhere, rest assured that with these products those stories won’t become a personal experience.

Our eco light bulbs are perfect for any event or season. Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving and weddings are made more memorable with flawless lighting. And unlike your normal string lights or eco friendly light bulbs, you won’t have to worry about a bulb malfunctioning at the most important moment, our bulbs will go the distance even after everyone’s left.

These eco friendly light bulbs are light on your pocket so you won’t be in danger of a heart attack when you see your electric bill. Efficient, quirky and reliable eco light bulbs are the only thing we offer.