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Pristine Planet brings you a collection of eco lamps produced in an environmentally responsible manner, so you can turn on the lights with a light heart. These eco lamps are not just practical, they are also beautiful and have additional properties too.

In particular we want to recommend Himalayan salt crystal lamps. Salt crystal is a rock that is made primarily of edible salt, but in large blocks rather than fine or coarse powders. These crystals have impurities which cause them to change in color Ė some are a gentle pink, others are vivid purple, and yet others are a rich orange. The salt crystals used to make these lamps are mined from within the Himalayan Mountains, using the most environment-friendly methods.

Each of these eco lamps is unique, as not two crystals are exactly alike. The differences improve the quality of these eco lamps, rather than being flaws. Aside from being beautifully hand-carved, these eco lamps also constantly release negative ions into the air, as a result of the molecular properties of sodium chloride. These negative ions can remove impurities from the air, and add a refreshing quality that you can feel every time you breathe in. Thatís why theyíre popular with spas and health centers.

Of course, you can also choose a recycled lamp. Two favorite materials for recycled lamps are bottles and chopsticks, which most people donít care about and throw away. The recycled lamps made from these materials are not just stylish, but also keep trash out of the dumps. Every recycled lamp made means less trash that goes into the junk pile!

One super-cool item is the LECD bedside light tray from Firefly. This is a ceramic device that produces a low green light, which is perfect for low-level illumination so you donít wake others up with it on. It also uses extremely little electricity!