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Start off on the road to an organic, earth-friendly lifestyle with Pristine Planetís eco kits. We have put together starter kits to help turn your home and garden into ecologically sound havens. This makes a great gift for friend or family member who is interested in the eco lifestyle or a wonderful way to celebrate the commitment to saving the planet.

We have put together eco home kits to make your transition to organic easier. Start off with the Electric Eco Kit. It comes with a fridge thermometer to help save energy, a lime light, energy saving light bulbs, draft gaskets, air filter whistles and a helpful energy wheel. This will potentially save you hundreds of dollars in electricity bills.

If you know an organic mommy, give her the Eco-Me Natural Baby Kit as a shower or birthing gift. It comes with everything a new mommy may need including organic wipes, flushable cloth and essential oils.

Eco home kits make wonderful wedding gifts or house warming presents. Preserve starts you off with their Kitchen Starter kit. Each item is made with 100% recycled and recyclable plastics. Each item, from the colander to the chopping board is dishwasher safe, BPA-free and ultra durable.

We also have the Deluxe Water Green House Eco Kit, to help you save a little on the water bill and save the earth at the same time. It comes with water saving showerheads, leak detection tablets, bathroom and kitchen aerators to help you save more energy and water than before.

Try eco house kits like Ecodiscoveries Full House Kit. This kit features non-toxic, non-chemical cleaning materials for all areas of the house. Their products are made without using harsh chemicals that release harmful odors or contaminate the environment. It also comes with durable microfiber cloth to help you get cleaning. Give yourself or a friend an eco kit today and get them started with eco-friendly habits.