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Kids Going Green Books


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Educate your children about going green with Pristine Planet’s selection of eco-awareness books. Teach your kids valuable lessons and start them young. Educating our children plays a vital role in preserving the planet and you can do it in a fun way.

Oomfy Corp’s line of organic stuffed toys and their companion books tell the stories of orphaned animals that have been rescued and released back to the wild. Each purchase lets you follow the story of the rescued animal online and comes with an adorable Oomfy toy your child will love. Choose from animals like Miki the Genet, Daisy the Rhino, Jack the Jackal and many more. Each toy is made from organic cotton and is stuffed with natural fibers.

We also offer a selection of storybooks for the eco kid. We carry titles like “What Does It Mean to be Green?”, a story about why people should care for their planet, “The Terrible Trash Trail” and a lovely title called “The Greenzys.” Each imparts a value lesson about the planet and how to love it by going green. We also have instructional children’s books like “A Child’s Introduction To The Environment”, which teaches your eco kid about climates, habitats in a fun and interactive way.

Kids going green will never be boring with our fun and educational toys. Keep your kids busy on rainy days with the Recycled Crafts Box, which transforms trash into treasure. This is great for artsy kids who love to draw, paint or create. Try the Nature’s Art Box by the same author for fun projects so they can create eco-friendly works of art.

Here at Pristine Planet, we know that going green is a family effort and we search for ways to help you spread awareness. This is just one way you can help the earth and you will build happy memories while you and your children engage in storytelling, games and fun-filled activities.