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Well, you know what they say, when you look good, you feel good. This is probably one of the reasons why both men and women take extra care in choosing their wardrobe. Everyone wants to look their best every time they step out and face the rest of the world.

So how about looking fashionable and at the same time making an eco-friendly choice? Pristine Planet boasts a full line of organic jackets for men, all available in stylish designs youíd be confident to wear even on the trendiest streets. Now, cultivating an environmentally conscious lifestyle is not so bad at all, is it? You donít really need to make any sacrifices on comfort and style, you know. With all the call for environmental awareness around the world, Eco-chic is the latest trend thatís taking the fashion world by storm.

One of our highly popular eco jackets is the twill shirt which easily complements that modern minimalist look that is so in fashion these days. It is made of 100% organic twill, giving you that soft luxurious feel. Now, if you are looking for something sleek and trendy, the Sameunderneath Hooded eco jacket easily fits the bill. Made of 81% organic cotton and 19% polyurethane, itís a wonderful addition to any wardrobe collection.

This organic jacket collection is also perfect gift ideas. With this eco jacketís high quality material, you can definitely not go wrong with these choices. If you want to get something stylish for Fatherís Day, the twill eco jacket is a guaranteed hit. Or maybe a surprise present for your teenager, the hooded coat goes well with the more upbeat fashion of the younger generation.

When it comes to looking your best, style and comfort need not be compromised. Of course, itís always an added incentive to know you are making a conscious effort to make eco-friendly choices.