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Eco Friendly Showerheads


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Water Conserving Shower Heads

Looking for the best ideas in eco friendly shower heads, check out this great selection of water conserving shower heads. Now you don't have to spend too much on a hot shower with the conservation earth massage showerhead. The eco friendly showerheads in this selection will provide you with a refreshing shower while conserving water and helping reduce your heating and water bills.

The advantages of the eco friendly shower heads found in this selection are plenty. Conservation groups give the water conservation showerhead a thumbs up sign because of its available turbo jet setting. You can adjust and choose from 9 different jet settings ranging from gentle spray to a more powerful jet spray. The shower head is modern, stylish and sleek to behold. It will instantly add style and look good in any bathroom while needing no more than a few minutes to install.

The settings are easy to adjust and you will soon be controlling the temperature of your shower. The water spray is non-aerating which maximizes your energy savings and temperature is more easily controlled. The use of the energy conserving showerhead will help reduce your heating and water bills as it provides a constant flow of water no matter what the pressure of water is. It will keep your shower experience smooth sailing down to the last drop of water.

The shower head cleans itself, no need to take it down, remove the parts and clean manually. The California Energy Commission has certified the product to be of quality and top performing. The waterhead is guaranteed to last you a lifetime at a price that is easily affordable. It also provides a great flow of water and exceptional coverage. You can choose a relaxing soft needle spray or a deeper more therapeutic type of water massage to help melt away your stress.

Water conserving shower heads have come a long way. Gone are the days were you would only get weak water pressure. Now, there are water saving shower heads that have water pressure that's as good as conventional shower heads or better. And these eco friendly shower heads have the potential to save you some dough on your water bill. Check out the ladybug shower adapter too.

Comments for Eco Friendly Showerheads

This is luxury spa meets eco friendly! The water conserving mechanism is really clever in how it reduces the shower to a trickle once the water is warm. When you’re ready to get in, just pull the cord and perfectly warm water is ready. No more jumping into to cold showers trying to guess when the water is warm and no more wasting water if you get detained while waiting on the shower to heat up. It’s great for shaving legs too. You can turn the water off, and then turn it immediately back on. This will trigger the mechanism so while you’re shaving your legs, you’ll have warm water waiting when you’re ready to turn it back on. No more freezing blast of water while you wait for it to reheat. The pressure is great as well – it really does feel like a soothing rain, but it also has plenty of pressure to rinse long soapy hair. LOVE IT!

This showerhead is wonderful! The conservation of water is what runs down the drain when the water is running and the shower is empty. The showerhead is shaped to evenly balance the distrubition of water. It is easy to install. A very high quality product. This is one of those showerheads when you move to a new house you will be sure to take it with you! It is such a clever idea to conserve water. I highly reccomend this product.

We just recieved our Monarch shower head in a very timely manner. And it is just great. More than I expected. No tools are needed to install. All you do is turn the hot water on and go about your business for as long as you like. A sensor in the head knows when water is to hot and will shut the flow down to a slow trickle. When your ready, just pull the cord, and there, the flow returns at a perfect temp. I'm looking forward to saving close to $100 a year in water consumption. But that is just a bonus. The real joy is the shower itself and the flow you get from the Monarch. We will now replace the other head in the other shower.