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Baby Sippy Cups


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Forget about BPA-riddled plastic sippy cups that can harm your child’s health. Pristine Planet gives you safe sippy cups to help transition your child from bottle to glass without any fuss. Our sippy cups are certified chemical free and made with your child in mind. Our sippy cups are eco-conscious too!

Try a toddler sippy cup like the Eio Kids Cup. This sippy cup is free of troublesome spouts or valves and completely free of chemicals so you never have to worry about them leaching into juice, milk or water. This unbreakable cup is a great way to shift from bottle to glass with little trouble. If your child prefers a spout or valve, try the BOT Straw Sippy Cup. The straw is manufactured with food grade silicon and this toddler sippy cup has a handle that is easy for little hands to hold.

A baby sippy cup like the Non Spill Sippy Gup helps minimize spills and leaks so your little one does not get his morning juice all over himself. This safe plastic baby sippy cup is specially designed for clumsy little hands with unique arched handles and comes in a variety of colors. Try the Greensprout Baby Sippy Cup, a durable one that should last from babyhood to toddlerhood. Non toxic, lead free and easy to grip, this is an easy cup for a baby to hold.

Looking for the best sippy cup for your child need not be a chore. Green to Grow’s Ecosystem Trainer Sippy Cups are made from recyclable, chemical-free plastic and silicone. We love the streamlined cup and vaulted handles. These baby sippy cups can fit into any diaper bag and are easy to clean and store.

PVC, BPA and dangerous sippy cups are now a thing of the past. The best, safest sippy cups are available right here on Pristine Planet. It is just a click away—you will never have to worry again.