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Eco Friendly Packaging Materials


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Biodegradable packaging is a great way to show you care for the environment. If you want to keep your products earth friendly make sure you use only eco friendly packaging materials. Now there are many options to keep your products in shipping boxes that are fully recycled. Shipping peanuts are also available in biodegradable options.

If you wish to keep things green while you have packages sent or shipped, use 100% recycled boxes from Global Guard. Keep things green with promotional packaging that can help boost your business while helping out the environment. These eco friendly packaging materials are environmentally safe and made with recycled materials.

They are sturdy and will effectively package your materials in the safest way possible. Now you don't have to deal with any harmful dyes or toxic ingredients that may tamper with your packaging. You can now find biodegradable shipping materials such as boxes and shipping peanuts. These packaging materials are able to enhance any product. Simply have them customized according to your style and they are sure to capture the attention of your audience.

You can increase product awareness, name recognition and boost your re-orders and customer base through effective product packaging. These materials are customizable and come in your choice of color, printing options, die-cut shapes and paper. They are 100% recycled and contain no dyes, additives, chemicals or any other toxic ingredients that may harm the environment.

The products are also affordable as the manufacturer is able to work at any budget. You can get the best products at a price that is best for you; a wide array of options await you. Aside from packaging materials, there are also die cut shapes, journals postcards, business cards, folded cards and many other sustainable and biodegradable earth friendly products.

Find custom recycled packaging materials for products and eco friendly packaging options including recycled shipping boxes, biodegradable shipping peanuts and more. You can choose the Global Guard Boxes (100% recycled) or have customer packaging created for your products.