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Eco Friendly Bathroom Accessories


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Bathroom Accessories

Keen on maintaining the "green" theme in your home? This great selection of eco friendly bathroom accessories made from natural and recycled materials will be sure to make both your home and the environment happy without sacrificing stylish proclivities.

Choose from rustic bathroom accessories made from bamboo like Umbra's Natural Bamboo Shower Caddy and Soap Pump. Bamboo is natural and renewable material that is both durable and chic. Bamboo also grows quickly and can be easily re-grown making it an extremely “green” material of choice. Profits made from Umbro's rustic bathroom accessories will proceed to charitable donations.

If wood does not fit the theme of your home, you may also choose from a wonderful and modern selection of recycled bathroom accessories that will enhance any bathroom design. The Recycled Toothbrush Holder in red or clear is made from 100% recycled materials and stainless steel, giving your bathroom a modern touch with sacrificing eco-friendliness.

You can also purchase a wooden T-Shaped body and back massager to help alleviate a sore back made worse by the daily grind. Give yourself a quick massage before you hop into the shower by simply rolling the massager gently along your spine and with its non-toxic finish, you don't have to worry about allergic or adverse skin reactions.

Another innovative and eco-friendly product is the Toilet Tank Bank. This product is used for water conservation and for reduction of your water bills. Simply fill up the bag with water and place on your toilet tank. The Toilet Tank Bank keeps your toilet tank full, reducing the need for it to frequently fill up with water in order to function. The Toilet Tank bank can save up to .8 gallons of water in every flush, giving you and the environment something to smile about.

These gorgeous eco friendly bathroom accessories will accent your style in your home while maintaining the balanced life you try to lead. Some are rustic bathroom accessories some are elegant, so no matter your style, you'll find these eco friendly bathroom accessories a great addition to your home.