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Organic & Natural Bath Salts


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Natural and Organic Bath Salts

If commercial bath salts irritate your skin, you may want to take a look at this collection of natural bath salts and organic bath salts.

Looking for a gentle yet effective cosmetic salt? There is an extensive line of some of the world's most exotic and highly appealing products. Eco friendly bath salts have been known to offer a number of great benefits specifically designed for cosmetic applications. Naturally rich with beneficial minerals, it's the ultimate bath blend to add to your bath and body regimen. The salt is manufactured without the use of any toxic dyes, chemicals and synthetic fragrances so you can enjoy exfoliation and detoxification without the fear of irritation.

The Nighty Nite Bath Salt is a popular addition to the collection. It contains pure essential oil blends formulated to sooth the body, ease tension as well as stimulate the senses. Made from solar and epsom salt minerals, it has a deeply calming effect and a very effective detoxifying agent. It also does not contain any synthetic fragrances, artificial fillers or colors.

Another great alternative is the stress relief mineral bath salt that is designed to provide triple therapy to help you unwind. Made of dead sea salt minerals and infused with natural healing herbs as well as aromatic senses, you can definitely look forward to more leisurely baths with this one.

The organic grapefruit and ylang-ylang bath salt is another favorite with its soft enticing scent. The wonderful blend of exotic ylang-ylang and the freshness of grapefruit present a perfect combination to help you relax and de-stress. It contains shea butter as well as extra virgin olive oil to help you maintain that soft and supple skin. The ingredients were carefully harvested by hand from local provinces in France.

Adding these organic and natural bath salts to your bath can make your bath feel like a spa. The organic bath salts we offer come in wonderful relaxing scents that will help you to wash away the stresses of your day.

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I am not too much of a bath person, the tub is too small to swim and I get bored easily. I am more of the "showers and soap" school. Come in these Bath Salts (that I got for my daughter who loves baths). Well, I might bore easily but I am curious so I tried. I did not bother to use the little cotton bag (being impatient as well) and stepped in the wonderful fragrant bath and I was sold. Those are great and yeah, really relaxing too! I used the entire bag in two weeks! It would be nice if they made bigger pouches.