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Eco Friendly Blankets


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Check out this selection of organic cotton blankets if you are looking for the best organic blankets including a beautifully woven blanket from South Carolina. Organically grown cotton from Texas is used in the manufacture of the blanket. The blanket is affordable and is made of the finest quality. The blanket is at 70"w x 90"l and weighs about 2.8 pounds.

The organic cotton blanket is queen sized and great for all seasons and all kinds of weather. It features the weaving of South Carolina and features organic cotton specially grown from Texas. The prices are unbelievably affordable for the quality of the US made organic cotton blanket. The all seasons queen sized cotton blanket is at 90"w x 90"l and clocks in at 3.6 pounds.

The warm and fuzzy chenille twin organic cotton blanket is made with the softest organic cotton from Texas. It is made in the USA and produced in the weaving company in South Carolina. The blanket features a herringbone pattern and makes a great heavy winter blanket. It weighs heavier than most blankets and is designed to keep you warm and comfortable during the cold season.

The blanket can also be used as your bedspread; it is versatile as it is functional and stylish. The chenille blanket made form organic cotton comes in untreated ivory color which is the natural color of the cotton and reddish brown. The blanket has been pre-washed to allow minimal shrinkage. It is sized at 70"w x 90" l.

The fabric used in the full or queen blanket is made from the softest and most plush organic cotton. The blanket is carefully brushed which results in the most comfortable blanket that fits queen and full sized beds. It is made from the best quality Egyptian organic cotton and can be used for all seasons.

No matter what kind of blanket is your favorite, you'll be able to find an eco friendly blanket to take its place. These amazing organic cotton blankets, natural bamboo blankets sand wool blankets reduce the amount of chemicals that enter your home and effect your indoor environment.