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Eco Friendly Bedding


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We pride ourselves with providing your home with only the finest organic materials available. Our eco friendly bedding is no exception. We understand the commitment that comes in wanting an environmentally-secure home. One of the most comfortable products you can add to your home is eco bedding for your bed. Feel the difference 100% organic material feels on your skin as compared to synthetic products.

Make every night a luxury for you and your loved ones as you envelop yourself in the soft comfort and warmth of organic bedding from Pristine Planet. You have not really slept until you have tried sleeping on any one of our natural bedding products. It will make you feel more refreshed, give you a more comfortable sleep and make you feel as if you were sleeping on clouds. That is the comfort that organic cotton bedding brings. So if you have not had the pleasure of trying it out, take a look at one of our eco friendly bedding products.

Sleep soundly at night with a clear conscience knowing that you are helping keep the environment safe by purchasing only products that 100% green. Be surprised at all the options you have in organic bedding. Want to be bathed in a pink romantic glow? Try out our Silk Charmeuse Pillowcases in a Silk Envelope and experience the luscious touch of silk against your skin. Just a warning though, with our products, you may want to stay in bed all night and all day.

For the more no-nonsense types who just want a set of sturdy yet comfortable natural bed sheets, check out our Sdh Purists Twin Flannel Fitted Sheets. Cover your bed with 100% organically produced smooth and strong bed sheet. You will run absolutely no risk of developing allergies from these Mother Nature approved bedding products. Worried about winter? Wrap yourself up with our organic wool collection and say goodbye to the thought of cold winter nights.

Sleep soundly at night with our organic cotton bedding collection and your nights won’t get any better.