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Eco Friendly & Non Toxic Furniture Polish


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Furniture Polish

Keep your furniture happy and shiny with this collection of natural furniture polish. Made from soy oil and natural orange, this furniture polish shines wood and cleans other surfaces as well. No toxic ingredients, dyes or petroleum distillates are mixed into it. It also hides water marks, small wood scratches and removes build up from wax and soap. Dirty fingerprints have no chance against this furniture polish as well. It smells citrusy sweet like oranges and comes in a handy 8 oz size.

For a smooth and replenished wood with a shine, use this eco friendly furniture polish made with all natural plant extract and orange oil. It is made with no toxic or harmful ingredients. Shine your furniture and make it look good as new with this wood polish. The Natural Furniture Care Collection will put an end to your days of cleaning with harmful chemical products -- toxic ingredients that can be irritating and harsh on furniture.

Try only earth friendly and natural products to safely and effectively clean your furniture. The wood conditioner is made of a special blend of oils derived from vegetables, beeswax and Brazilian Carnauba wax. The oils are known to enhance the depth and natural beauty of wooden grains. They also help prevent cracking and drying.

For furniture that smells like fresh lemons. Try out the non toxic furniture polish that works amazing for floors, furniture and cabinets that need polishing. It protects wooden surfaces that are sealed in a natural and safe way. It also wipes away dirt, build-up and fingerprints in a jiffy. It leaves a clean shine with no residue. You get two products for the price of one.

For a renewal of your furniture, use the all natural unscented beeswax furniture polish. It is ideal for moisturizing and protecting your furniture from dirt and fingerprints. It is made with no additional oils and is completely fragrance-free. The product comes in a 5 ounce tin. Howard Naturals Wood Conditioner is a unique blend of Brazilian Carnauba wax, refined beeswax and vegetable-derived oils. The natural waxes help provide added protection to both finished and unfinished woods. The oils enhance the natural beauty and depth of the wood grain as they prevent drying and cracking.

Eco friendly furniture polish puts a shine back on your credenza and a sparkle on your coffee table. Choosing a non toxic furniture polish mean your reducing the amount of chemicals that enter your home and improving the air quality.