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Eco Friendly Pillows


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Looking for a selection of organic pillows for your most naturally peaceful sleep yet? Check out this selection of natural and organic pillows that include buckwheat pillows and organic cotton pillows.

The neck pillow is travel-sized, compact enough to bring along to trips and best to use whether in an airplane or in a car. It comes with a soft and protective cover that is washable and made from the softest all-organic cotton and wool fill materials. It is especially designed to prevent neck pain by keeping your neck in natural alignment with the spine.

The feather down bed pillows are packed with the softest available European goose down feathers. This super luxurious bed pillow will make your sleeping experience exceptional. The pillow is safe for washing machine use and is made in the USA with all imported materials. The pillow comes in king, standard and European size. The silk pillow is made of the best quality of pure silk and is hypoallergenic. Sleeping on a silk pillow provides the best in luxury and comfort while soothing you to sleep. The silk will help melt away the stress of the day.

The covers are made of white silk and the pillows measure 20"w x 26"l x 4"-5" deep. The pillows are made with 40 ounces of silk fill. For a thinner pillow, you can order pillows that are made with a single fill only. Melt the day's stress away with an organic eye pillow made with an adorable floral design. The pillow is soft and tender to the touch and is soothing to the eyes.

The inner pillow is made with Konta cotton that is certified organic. It is protected with a cover made out of cotton sateen material handcrafted in Fremont, California. Make sure that the pillow is dry-cleaned only to keep it in its best state.

The wool pillow is made from the finest wool that makes great material for your pillow. The feel is supportive with some spring to it. It is nice and comfortable to touch and naturally repels bed bugs and dust mites. The pillows are mildew- and mold-free and are built to endure many years.

Rest comfortably on your natural and organic pillows. You spend a lot of time in bed with your head on your pillow. Some conventional cotton pillows may have been treated with chemicals when the cotton was processed. If you don't want those chemicals touching your head all night you might want to check out these natural and organic cotton pillows.