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Eco Friendly Laundry


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Eco Friendly Laundry

More and more people are looking for ways to maintain a balance between a healthy life style that does not sacrifice comfort and beauty and still promotes a cleaner environment that will keep the planet clean and healthy too.

One of the most environmentally intensive parts of many households is the wash, and looking for eco friendly laundry alternatives is a great idea! Using non toxic laundry products that are clean, fresh and safe from harmful ingredients is super important and maybe more so if there is a baby in the family. And where are these eco friendly laundry products available? Mrs. Meyer’s fabric softeners are the answer to your needs and your family too. A wide variety of these fabric softeners are now in the market, all made to address your needs.

Guaranteed to keep your laundry soft, clean and cling free without the use of harsh chemicals and other ingredients that can be harmful to mother earth. Biodegradable and non-toxic, these environmentally friendly laundry essentials should remain part of your household must haves, when it comes to keeping clothes and other household fabrics clean and freshly scented. The naturally softening ingredients of these fabric softeners also helps maintain the durability of your fabric, because they are free from chemicals that can harm not only the earth, and your skin, but also your clothes.

The power of these softeners comes from non-toxic ingredients that are effective on even the most delicate fabric. Another essential part of your eco friendly laundry is the clothes dryer. The umbrella tripod dryer is a versatile and eco-friendly item that will keep your clothes clean and dry even inside the house. Made of galvanized steel with a two-piece center, it is ready for installation and completely pre-strung, requiring minimal job for the busy housewife.

Likewise, it opens and closes by a single action and folds completely for storage. The dryer's tripod base extends is to 52 inches for added stability. It is ideal for setting up in the porch.

Green laundry products help you to get your clothes clean while keep the earth clean too. Pristine Planet brings you the best eco friendly laundry products. Some of the green laundry products you'll find are bleach alternatives, clotheslines, drying racks, fabric fresheners and softeners, hangers and other eco friendly laundry accessories.