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Eco Friendly Invitations & Announcements


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Eco Friendly Invitations and Unique Announcements

When e-vites and phone calls simply aren’t enough, we are left with the task of informing people of our special occasions by mailed announcements. Our unique, fun, and environmentally conscience invitations and announcements are made from recycled cardstock which can help you send that message to your would-be guests that not only tells people about your event, but your role in keeping a green planet.

Pristine Planet’s high quality, eco-friendly announcements are handmade from recycled paper and specially designed to suit your event. Our unique announcements range from original ideas such as the self-mailing, fold up invitation-and-envelope in one, unique ideas such as “save the date” bookmarks, pocket fold-ups, and the ever fun and radical Grow-a-Note® baby announcement card made from plantable seed paper. The superior craftsmanship of our recycled announcements is high quality and lends that extra personal touch.

Our eco-friendly invitations also offer that handmade, high quality craftsmanship as our recycled announcements. You could send eco invitations to your wedding, birthday, baby shower, or engagement, and they have never been more fun, or more eco-friendly. All our announcements and invitations are created in many unique shapes and designs, giving you multiple options to select from, helping make your event matchless, personal, and memorable.

We’ve compiled our collection of announcements and invitations from eco-friendly recycled paper. These cost effective announcements and invitations are not only limited to conventional events, but, as we have gotten creative, you too are only limited by your imagination. So get creative, and our invitations and announcements can fit your needs and suit your personality.

At Pristine Planet we are environmentally conscience and provide eco-friendly, non-expensive products that coincide with our vision of a cleaner world without compromising the quality of the product or the needs of our customers.