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The use of pendants tends to make necklaces extra special. Not only do they make a lovely piece of jewelry even lovelier, but they often make jewelry priceless due to sentimental value as well.

Pendants are frequently used to symbolize a special bond between people, a souvenir or memento, or a beautiful form of self-expression. Pendants make ordinary jewelry extraordinary because they carry within them a wealth of love and meaning.

It used to be that pendants are cherished because they were made of precious and semi-precious stones. Nowadays, however, you can give a loved one a pendant made special not because of its monetary value but because of the care and skill that went to its design and production.

Take recycled pendants for example. They may not be made of brand new materials, but they nonetheless make pendant necklaces extra special because you can be sure they have been produced as a labor of love.

Today, the market offers a wide variety of beautiful and affordable pendant necklaces. When it comes to eco-friendly designs, fused glass pendants are the most popular. They could be made to mirror a huge selection of shapes and be available in a rainbow palette of colors.

Also, many of today's assortments of pendant necklaces are handmade. Solay Wellness, for instance, has the Himalayan Crystal Energy pendants to offer. Each of these pendants is made unique by its artisan-wrapped polished silver setting, which followed the distinct curves and lines of the crystal used.

These beautiful eco friendly pendants make your old chain look new again. Put one of these recycled pendents on your necklace, and give it a new life and spruce up your outfit. Buy a few to go with different outfits, and feel great because you're reusing your chain, and wearing eco friendly and fair trade pendants that are better for the earth.