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Art is one of the most elevated ways a person can express himself and with recycled art, you are able not only to please the eye but Nature itself.

Eco friendly art is doubly challenging than other types or styles of art because its artist not only have to spend time thinking about a theme or concept, but he also has to spend a significant amount of time pondering which recycled materials are most appropriate to use.

Here at Pristine Planet, we present one of the most comprehensive selections of artworks made from recycled materials. If you delight in deciphering the meaning of the “undefined”, then consider having in your living room a Galaxy Wall Fountain (without lights) from Harvey Gallery. It boasts of a sapphire-tinted universe that illustrates the most mystical celestial beings: the stars.

If, however, you want to bring back memories of your childhood or you are thinking of redecorating your child’s bedroom or playroom then how about the Party Animals figurine from our website? All six animals are approximately eight inches tall and are seated around a table that is shaped like the African continent.

As you can see, recycled art does not always have to be two-dimensional. Moreover, it does not always have to be purely visually appealing either. Works of eco art may also serve a purpose while remaining a beauty to look at. These works of eco friendly art are like your dream partner for life: someone you will never tire of looking at, but someone you also know you can grow old with.

One such example is the trio of Peruvian Pottery Piggy Banks by the Quinua, one of Peru’s most impressive artisan communities. Residing in Peru’s Huamanga province, the Quinuas have long been noted for their excellent work in ceramics and pottery. Majority of their work feature religious and natural themes as well as illustrations of animals, homes, and all those that characterize people’s pleasantly simple lifestyle in Andes.