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Start your day right with Pristine Planetís assortment of deliciously decadent and eco friendly coffee. Ever since the first cup of java was brewed, people have been scrambling to get the best of this caffeinated wonder drink. But all over the world rainforests and important habitats are decimated to answer the worldís need for coffee. To add to the insult, workers are exploited and live on minimum wage to provide that much-needed java fix.

Eco coffee gives you the best of both worlds: unparalleled flavor coupled with environmentally conscious growth and labor choices. Sipping your sustainable coffee was never so earth-friendly. Fair trade products like Higher Groundís Peruvian coffee enable workers to sustain their lifestyle without sacrifice. Each bean is grown in a shaded area that preserves the forests and habitant of Peru. What you get is a rich, dark 100% organic coffee with an aroma you will never forget.

Eco friendly coffee does not sacrifice the environment for taste or profit. Organic Gorilla only buys coffee from farms that are environmentally responsible and organic, which means no pesticides, toxins or unfair trade practices that can damage a small communityís economy. Choose from whole bean, decaf and other varieties. If you are looking for fair trade organic coffee that is also gourmet, try Newmanís Own Organics. They have a selection of eco coffee flavors like Almond Biscotti that will satisfy the most hardcore coffee foodie.

Coffee Bean Jimís organic coffee comes in Columbian, Java and other roasts to give you the most delicious organic coffee around. We love the Organic Sweet Love Blend, a harmonious blend of Vienna, Italian and French coffee beans.

Making sustainable coffee would not be possible without earth conscious coffee drinkers like you. Creating a bigger market for organically and responsibly grown coffee first means that we have to create a bigger demand for it. Support organic movements and sustainable coffee growth by choosing fair trade organic coffee whenever possible.