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Eco Chocolate


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PristinePlanet.com understands the want for indulgence. As such, we offer some of the best eco chocolate treats that you can find anywhere. When your chocolate is eco chocolate, you can enjoy with less guilt and savor every bite, every nibble, and every crumb.

For those who like their eco chocolate with some texture, the chocolate-covered cocoa nibs are great. Crunchy, fragrant, and with a taste of chocolate inside and out, these are perfect for a quick snack, or for long, slow nibbling while watching a movie.

For those who prefer their cocoa treats on the purer side, we have those too. Rich, roasted cacao beans are processed without chemicals to create truly eco friendly chocolate treats which are fragrant and delectable. These are available in many varieties, from different flavors of eco chocolates to coated nuts and more.

We also try to offer as many fair trade chocolate brands as we can. For those unfamiliar with the concept, “fair trade” refers to fair acquisition practices where the materials are sourced from growers without exploitation. No underhanded deals, no absurd bidding practices – just fair negotiation and sourcing.

What fair trade chocolate brands also have over big-name commercial brands is that the quality of the material is more carefully selected, because the sourcing personnel actually get into contact with the individuals managing farms. That simply means that the end result is much more like an artisan product rather than the product churned out by a soulless machine.

Then again, eco chocolate need not be so heavy a topic. What it can be – and is pretty much expected to be – is heavy on the calories. Indulge in eco chocolate fudge, bites, sauces, drinks, bars, and more! Enjoy chocolate-covered truffles and brittles. Most of all, savor every morsel and the lingering richness of these true eco chocolates. Just remember to enjoy in moderation!