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Spiral CFL


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One of the most basic steps toward living an eco friendly lifestyle is to make the switch to the standard spiral CFL bulbs. They save a ton of energy and last forever. In fact, you could use them non-stop for years and never have to change them. Until now, your choices were pretty limited when it came to the eco CFL, but now we carry a full range of eco friendly light bulbs for your every need.

Looking for something with a small base that you can put in your ceiling fans? Our selection of green CFL bulbs will have you switching in no time, so you can feel great about turning on your lights again. Even your kitchen and ceiling fans will be happy for the change. They burn brighter and longer and donít get nearly as hot as traditional light bulbs.

So, what if you want a dimmable spiral CFL? We carry those as well, so you donít have to keep using the traditional dimmable bulbs that have a tendency to burn out quickly and youíre not going to have to struggle with the high price of replacing the light bulbs that used to go in track or recessed lights. Youíll find a wide range of CFL light bulbs that can take your home from well lit, but sucking energy to well lit and using just that much less energy.

If you havenít made the switch to some of the many styles of spiral CFLís yet, then there is no time like right now to do so. Youíre going to find that we offer every kind of spiral CFL you can imagine, so shopping for light bulbs has never been easier.

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Very bright light bulb.

Very good quality. Saves energy.