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Here at Pristine Planet, we take great care to provide you with products for all facets of your life. Our eco CDs an artistic way for you to help the earth while enjoying relaxing world music. These make great gifts for the music lover and collector.

Music therapy has long been used to help everything from depression to motor function. The Calm Within CD can be played in the background while meditating or you can listen to it to help relieve your everyday stress. This is a natural remedy that works for both adults and children and helps you reach your own inner peace.

We also offer soothing eco CDs made especially for mom and baby. The Rocking Chair CD is perfect for putting the baby down for a nap or for the night.

Contribute to worthy charities and foundations by buying an eco CD. A portion of all Animal Playground CD sales go to the Wildlife Conservation Society to support its campaign to help conserve habitats and endangered species. You can also help Haiti recover from the devastating earthquake by buying one of our French Caribbean Music CDs.

When you buy eco friendly CDs, you are not just supporting environmental organizations, you are also buying a product that is made with sustainable resources. Ordinary CDs use mined metals that are not recyclable.

Our eco CDs let you explore the word through music and like the Unified Folk Theory CD, are manufactured from recycled materials. Not only that, trees are planted for every 1000 sales to help offset carbon emissions. The band itself uses instruments made from natural and reclaimed sources.

Get ready to sit back and relax to soothing melodies at the end of a long day. Pop this eco friendly CD in your player or copy it to your music player so you can experience relaxation and good music anywhere, anytime.