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Eco Cards


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Eco cards are a wonderful way to show affection, remember a friend or commemorate an occasion. Pristine Planet offers a beautiful selection of earth-conscious eco greeting cards to help you celebrate those special days.

Surprise someone with a seed paper card, a special sort of eco card with wildflower seeds you can grow. It is definitely a worthy surprise to send in the mail. Whether you just want to send a thinking of you card or greet someone happy birthday, this card holds the promise of growth and beauty. Pressed Blooms and Grow-A-Note offer a selection of seed-embedded cards for every celebration.

Try the Flying Sunflower Card pack, Lavender pack or Butterscotch cards. Each recycled card comes complete with instructions but planting is easy—simply put the card in the ground. Every eco card is made with soy ink and recycled paper so that it incorporates into the soil faster.

You can also choose to send a recycled greeting card. Junk Mail cards are made from the dozens of junk letters people receive in the mail and throw away. These are turned into beautifully designed handmade cards, each with a unique design you will love. Bring back the art of writing lovely notes with recycled paper note cards and send out a written greeting today.

Go the distance with tree free cards, printed on paper that does not come from trees. Sweet paper, for example, is made from sugar cane mixed with leftover fiber from other manufacturers. These eco cards use no chemicals when they are made, which makes them perfect for compost heaps or recycling plants.

All our eco cards are made with low impact inks that easily disintegrate in soil or landfills and can be recycled. Whether you choose seed paper, recycled cards or tree-free notes, the recipient of your note of love will definitely appreciate the time and care you put into this thoughtful gift.