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Eco Friendly Drying Racks


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Drying Racks

A drying rack for clothes is particularly helpful if they can be large enough to accommodate everyone's clothes or a set of laundry for the day.

Check out the "Canon" wall drying rack with its eastern white knotty pine construction made in New England. Although it is designed to be a wall-mounted rack, it may also be mounted on any heavy-duty door if that is more appropriate. This rack also contains several birch dowels and pegs for preventing snags.

There are indoor or outdoor drying racks. One simple indoor dryer rack boasts of a user-friendly foldable construction from white pine wood. This beautiful dryer rack was designed and constructed in Maine.

Some racks, however, are made especially for both indoor and outdoor use. Take for instance the metal drying rack, which boasts of 9 expandable chrome-plated rods. It also has a removable mesh-drying shelf and its rods have a maximum telescopic length of 34 feet.

Speaking of telescopic lengths, it is one feature you will find a lot of dryer racks offer. Some plain telescopic racks appear like small cases at the start but can later on turn into an 15.3-inch-long rack that comes complete with 4 clothes hooks, 1 rod for bath towels, and 5 other rods for drying.

Bear in mind that there are also accessories sold for dryer racks. One example of this would be the ground socket tube with its granite base. This works well with several dryer rack models and allow them to be mounted safely and securely in several locations.

These eco friendly drying racks are perfect for drying your clothes without using any electricity. Whether wall mounted or freestanding, these drying racks are high quality. You can choose the size and style of your clothes drying rack based on how much laundry you do at one time. Using a clothes drying rack can also save you a bit of money on electricity costs.