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Dog Waste Bags


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Your pets may be all cuddly and loyal, but they still have to answer the calls of nature. In fact, one problem with pets is that you can’t really train them to use the flush toilet. That means that you, as the owner, will be on constant doodie duty. Scatological jokes aside, we at Pristine Planet want you to help keep our planet, or at least the local park, pristine and free of your pets’ droppings.

One great line of products is Biobag Dog Waste Bags. With this bio bag, dog waste is easy to pick up and throw away, without getting your hands dirty or letting the smell out. These bags are biodegradable, meaning you can worry less about the trash you are adding to the collective output. Another great product is Spike’s humorously-named Business Bags, which are made from corn fibers and can completely biodegrade in 45 days.

There are also big dog waste bags for big dogs. It stands to reason – big dogs make big steaming piles of you-know-what, so you need big bags to get rid of them.

As responsible dog owner, you should always have dog waste bags whenever you take your dog out for a walk. Picking up your dogs’ droppings is your civic duty. You may know where your dog “went”, but others don’t, and they may inadvertently step on it. It’s not nearly as funny when you’re the one who steps in it! If only one can train dogs to signal us so we can set up the bags for them to directly crap in, then it would be all good.

Aside from dog waste bags, you can also use biodegradable kitty litter liners. These liners are sturdy yet can be broken down by microbes after you throw it out. Better yet, throw it into your composting pit or tank.