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Choose from Pristine Planetís diverse selection of pet accessories for your loving dog or cat. We offer organic, recycled and natural feeders, placemats, treats, houses and much, much more.

Keep your petís dining area neat and spiffy with a petmat. Our petmats come in unique and intriguing designs ready for the feeding bowls or kitty litter. Your pet can even choose to sleep on one on those hot days when they simply hate their bed. A cat placemat is ideal for that messy feline who cannot seem to keep their organic food in their bowl. A dog placemat is perfect for the Retriever who seems to think his water bowl is a swimming pool.

Choose from different, fun and quirky designs like Top Dogís BPA-free placemats or Oreís Doggy Diner mats. You can even purchase matching feeding bowls for a put-together look you will surely appreciate. A dog or cat placemat can be the perfect gift for a special animal lover in your life. You will love the Happy Cat Petmat. There are so many designs to choose from you may not be content with just one!

We also offer bowls made from recycled materials like the Wine Barrel Raised Dog Feeder. Raised feeders are ideal for the pet who likes to gobble up her food, since it helps them eat slowly and prevents gastric bloat. Match this with our recycled Wine Barrel Dog House for a vintage look. Your dog will love snuggling up in his new house.

We also have an assortment of pet scoops for food or clean-up, as well as a selection of organic and all-natural treats for both dogs and cats. The Weekender Feedbag in Blue will store kitty treats or dog food for those long walks, treks or trips out of town. Keep in the car for easy access.

Here at Pristine Planet, we know that your feline or canine pal deserves the best in safe and organic pet accessories and we strive to give you the best.