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How much do you love your furry pal? Do you consider your pet dog or cat an honorary member of your family? If so, then you need to start taking pet dental care seriously. It is literally a matter of life and death.

Based on data provided by the AVDS or American Veterinary Dental Society, your canine or feline pets have a great chance of developing a periodontal disease by the time they celebrate their 3rd birthday. More specifically, there is a 70% chance of that alarming fate happening to your cat and 80% for your dog respectively.

Here at Pristine Planet, we are committed to giving the best and healthiest pet dental products for you and your loved ones. That definitely includes your pets, too. It is why we have taken the time to scour the market for the most effective pet dental products for your four-legged companions.

To keep your catís breath as fine as its sharp claws, consider using Smelly Cat, one of the best cat dental products today. It comes with a trifold formula that eliminates fecal odor, foul breath and most importantly of all, it ensures that your catís digestive system (particularly its intestines) a clean bill of health.

As for dog dental products, we have an even wider selection for you to choose from. We have Breath Bites, the canine equivalent of Smelly Cat, and which has a special formula designed to freshen your dogís breath. This special solution from Pet Naturals is designed as well to improve the quality of your dogís blood as well as minimize chances of flatulence.

With these pet dental products, you will never have to worry about your pets embarrassing you when they try to kiss your guests hello or good night. More importantly, if you use these pet dental products, you are also making a conscious decision to prolong their lifespan by as much as five years!