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After a hard day’s work, there’s nothing better than to snuggle into a comfortable bed with fluffy pillows and a nice warm blanket. After all, barking, running up and down the house and playing catch all day is no easy task.

What better way to show your canine buddy some TLC than to wrap him in organic bundle of comfort and style? Pristine Planet brings you pet blankets that will keep your furry friend warm and snug as he gets some much needed Zzz’s after a day full of exciting activities.

The pet blankets are made from an ingenious combination of durable hemp and plush recycled fleece, ensuring that your dog will get a well-deserved beauty sleep each and every night.

Is your dog grouchy in the morning? Be prepared to get slobbered when you wake up every morning because our hemp dog blankets will give him a good, quality sleep daily making him well-rested and excited for another adventurous day with you.

No need to fret and worry about getting your dog’s favorite blanket clean and immaculate. Just toss the dog blanket in your washer and tumble dry with low settings and voila, the pet blanket is now ready to get dirty again.

We made sure that your dog is never without his blanket again. This dog blanket for car travel is the perfect companion for an exploring dog. Keeping the dog blanket with him will keep him relaxed and comfortable wherever he goes.

Not only will you keep your dog warm and happy with our doggy blankets, you’ll also be helping out mother-nature by using only organic and recycled materials. This triple win situation between you, your dog and the environment is only a few clicks away at Pristine Planet.

Choose your dog’s favorite color and please try your best not to steal his blankey.