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Dimmable CFLs


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Dimmable CFLs

A few years ago, dimmable CFLs suffered a setback because of a reputation for rather limited dimming quality. However, with the recent improvements to the product, you can toss those hesitations out the window. We have a full range of dimmable CFL bulbs and CFL Dimmable reflector you can choose from.

One of the more popular items is the NEPTUN GU24 Twist-Lock Base 24 Watt Dimmable Spiral Compact Fluorescent Lights, which is specifically designed to replace the 100 watt lights. This one is available is small sizes but with extra long life. Featuring low dimming capability, you can conveniently replace your 100 watt incandescent with this premium quality, energy-saving dimmable CFL bulb. With the ability to dim, you can expect a nice reduction in your monthly electric bill.

If you are planning to replace your existing 65 watt incandescent or those compact fluorescents, consider getting the dimmable 10 watt LED R30, which are perfect for recessed lighting or ceiling cans applications. With this particular dimmable cfl, you can expect up to 50, 000 hour life. Now thatís real value for your money.

For people who are particularly looking for dimmable cfls known to have very low heat output, the Dimmable R20 Reflector (16 Watt) with mini-base 2-pack is highly ideal to be installed in ceiling fans as well as other nook and cranny around the house that requires dimming but they have a very small mini base.

Another lighting fixture that is the Neptun Dimmable Daylight 12 watt Bulb Shaped CFL. Itís an all around lighting system that is perfect for reading and other task light purposes. This is designed to replace 60 -65 incandescent lights, so you will not only save by switching to dimmable compact fluorescent bulbs, you can also save more by dimming it.

The long awaited dimmable CFL is here. If you've been looking for an eco friendly dimmable light, these dimmable CFLs might be the answer. These lights can help you save money and energy.