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Deodorant is one of the most used personal hygiene items in America. The problem is, most of the deodorants in the market today are made up of some of the most toxic materials imaginable. Not only are they harmful and harsh to the skin, they also end up doing more bad than good. Instead of treating the odor at its very root, all these deodorants do is mask them with an overpowering fragrance. The result is a smell that is often times more offensive than the original scent of the person before the deodorant.

We understand the need for exemplary personal hygiene especially in social settings. But here at Pristine Planet, we also believe in providing only the best quality products that are also environmentally safe. We are proud to introduce our line of organic deodorant. Each natural deodorant is effective in treating body odor by going to the root cause of the problem and completely killing the germs that cause the offensive smells in the first place.

An eco deodorant is one that is made entirely of natural and organic products. Because these aluminum free deodorants are made with effective ingredients that come straight from Mother Nature, the root of the problem is treated from the inside. And not merely masked from the outside.

The best thing about the non toxic deodorant line is the variety that is available. Because no two people are alike, so are their preferences. You can choose from a wide array of natural deodorants that include Herban Cowboy Dusk Deodorant for the manly types, there is the Naturally Fresh Roll-On Crystal Deodorant for those who want a simple and effective protection. The aluminum free deodorant is made from mineral salts that are known to eliminate bacteria and keep the area remarkably dry without resorting to harmful aluminum.

If you want a natural deodorant that is safe to use and safe for the environment, check out our line of aluminum free organic deodorant and get yourself some today.