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Eco Friendly Table Linens


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Table Linens

For a completely green dining experience, add some eco friendly table linens to your home.

Feast on a table that is accessorized with matching Fair Trade Cotton Napkins Set and feel truly special in your own home. There is a huge selection of organic table linens and other eco friendly types of linens to make every meal time something special.

Hosting a dinner party in your home? There are various styles of great organic tablecloth ideas to choose from. You will find only the best quality products when it comes to table linens that are sure to keep your dining area well organized and accessorized.

For an interesting touch to your dining table presentation, add a bit of flair with a Crimson Bamboo Placemat. You can use this with other colored placemats for some depth or use on its own for simplicity. The bamboo placemat is made with a textured weave and earthy colors that make it a perfect accessory to your table setting ideas. Floral centerpieces will surely enhance these bamboo placemats as they are easily arranged with your table decorating ideas. The place mats are constructed with 100% original bamboo plants which are sustainably grown and harvested. Low impact dyes are used to add color to these products as well.

One of the best ways to save the environment is to lessen waste and consumption. By using Graze Organic Reusable Napkins, you are not only helping out the earth, you are also being stylish while doing so. These napkins are made from 100% organic material. Each one has an adorable print of a dog at the bottom right corner. Paw prints also complete the look of the napkin, making it a trendy yet classy design especially for animal lovers. You can even use these napkins on the go. Simply tuck into your purse or lunch bag so you can keep yourself neat and tidy anywhere you may be.

These eco friendly table linens will really bring a splash of fun to your table. Pick up some hemp coasters, fun organic cotton napkins and a recycled silk placemat and you've got the perfect additions to your green dining room.