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Men's Organic Cotton Long Sleeve T Shirts


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Pristine Planet offers you a catalogue of menís long sleeve T-shirts made with organic materials. Long sleeved T-shirts can be layered, worn alone or under other shirts. We have a spectacular selection of colors and sizes. These make great gifts for the man in your life or you can purchase them for yourself. An organic long sleeve T-shirt is an eco-friendly and guilt free purchase.

Awareness Apparel offers shirts made with 100% cotton grown, harvested and processed without using pesticides or toxins. Each shirt makes a statement for the environment. The shirts are shipped in a reusable muslin bag and are made in the USA. A cotton long sleeve T is cooler than any shirt made from other materials.

Alternative also offers a selection of long sleeved hooded T-shirts that are perfect for cooler weather or a cold office. Made from recycled polyester and organic cotton, a dollar from each purchase goes to charity. The hoodies come in navy, black, gray, brown and black. Use this for sports, running or a simple cover up on a cool day.

Bamboo long sleeve shirts are so silky you will not believe they are made from a grass. Choose between Bamboo Dreams and Dream Sacks stylish designs. Bamboo is the new and ultimate sustainable fiber. This fast growing grass uses minimal resources to grow, is easily harvested and puts less strain on the earth. Choose the color of your choice; enjoy its moisture-wicking properties and the breathable fabric.

Our organic long sleeve shirts also use low impact dyes for easier recycling. Low impact dyes are easier to remove from fabric during the recycling process. Wear the Earth offers vintage inspired designs like Woodstock cut outs and retro bikes.

You will love our cotton long sleeve T shirts so much you may end up ordering them in different colors. Give them to your teenaged son or boyfriend. Order them for yourself. Get your wife to order them for you. Get ready to lounge around in comfort with Pristine Planetís organic long sleeve shirts.