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Recycling Services

Even if you are not in the printing business, your company may still use up a huge number of printing cartridges every month. It all depends on the quantity of documents you regularly print when doing business. These cartridges should not be thrown away when they run empty, though. You can have them recycled. If there is no nearby printer recycling center in your area, you can always take care of your company's ink cartridge recycle on your own.

Most of the time, businesses that offer recycling services accept walk-in customers as well as mailed deliveries of empty cartridges. With the latter, you get to save more time and effort in your part since you no longer have to walk or drive to recycling centers. Just mail everything to the recycle center of your choice and they will send you back payment for your cartridges.

Of course printers are not the only equipment that makes use of cartridges. Copiers as well as fax machines use cartridges, too. Fortunately, a number of recycling centers are also capable of recycling these cartridges. You just have to make sure that the mailing address you are using is verified or comes from a reliable source.

Be very careful about mailing your empty cartridges. If you end up sending them to a fake address, you not only lose money but the environment suffers alongside you as well.

Donating cartridges is not the only way you can help nature. Companies like Go Green Brand, for example, are distributors of eco-friendly ink & toner cartridges. With their products, you can be sure that the materials used for your cartridges are environmentally friendly. Moreover, a portion of its proceeds is donated to American Trees. This non-profit organization has pledged to plant a tree with each dollar it earns through Go Green Brand.

Recycling services may be available in your area, but if you're looking for a good way to recycle your printer cartridges or copy machine recycling, you may want to check out the large selection on Pristine Planet.