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At Pristine Planet, we are as much about enjoyment as we are about protecting our environment. For example, our selection of chocolate treats is a treasure hoard for everyone, environmentally-conscious or not! After all, chocolate is one of this world’s delights that everyone can enjoy.

We can highly recommend the chocolate drops, a wonderful pairing of dark chocolate and excellent roasted espresso coffee beans. Each nibble is smooth, aromatic, and stimulating. You’d probably end up with a caffeine rush, since it’s hard to stop once you’ve started on these!

For those who prefer their chocolate treats without coffee and a little sweeter, the cacao nibs are highly recommended. Cacao nibs are basically processed cacao beans just short of grinding and being processed into chocolate. When covered with chocolate, cocoa nibs provide a crunchy and fragrant base with just a touch of bitterness and a hint of chocolate flavor.

Of course, we also have chocolate treats with flavored centers, all made with natural ingredients. Try the vegan dark chocolate surrounding a center of refreshing mint centers – perfect for capping off a dinner or a simple midday treat! Or you could choose something with a minty center for a refresher after a meal.

Aside from these chocolate covered treats, we also offer toffees, caramels, and nuts. These sweet treats are almost all made to vegan and fair trade standards, so you can feel good not just on the level of taste but also enjoy the fact that you are eating something sourced without exploitation. They tend to be not as sweet as commercial brand items, but that simply means that you will be better able to savor the multilayered flavors.

As delicious as these chocolate bites are, you would do well to watch your consumption. Even if they do have less fat and sugar than big-brand commercial products, they are still significantly calorific. Enjoy in moderation!