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This Christmas, if you want to give the best gift, choose from this selection of eco friendly gifts for kids. Start them off on science young with the solar powered motorized robot kits. It's a do-it-yourself kit that works great as a hobby or as a science project. The Solar Worm is made with wood and has a back up battery option in case it is not being used under the sun.

For eco friendly children's gifts, give a gift of love with Doll's Moses Basket. It is perfect to give your little sister to put all her dolls in. The Doll's Moses Basket has a sheet, liner, a cushion and a blanket which is double sided. It comes in a variety of designs, choose from 8. The Basket is perfectly made to fit a doll of up to 18" tall. It is safe for washing machine use.

It's the perfect gift to give young girls who are starting to pretty themselves up. The Kid Friendly Nail Polish is made with all natural ingredients. These organic children's gifts are odorless, non toxic and 100% kid friendly. It will provide hours of fun for young ladies without the harsh effects of regular nail polish. It comes in a set of three lovely shades of nail polish, packed in a beautiful reusable drawstring bag made from red organza.

Make your kid choco loco with a DIY chocolate making kit. The kit is packed with all the ingredients you need to make your own dark chocolate. You can make the mixture in the microwave or on the stove. It is perfect for parties, scout activities, or simply something to do after school. The chocolate is made from all organic cocoa butter. Each package makes up to 80z of delicious dark chocolate.

Want to try the art of tattooing but not ready for its permanency? Have some fun with Natural Body Paint Temporary Tattoo Kit. The henna tattoo will last from 1 to 3 weeks. Now you can experience the ancient practice of body painting using natural henna dye.

Eco friendly children's gifts are now easier to find than ever. Pristine Planet has brought together the best organic, natural and fair trade gifts for kids on the web. We're happy to be able to show you the eco friendly toys, nail polish, crafts and more that you'll feel good giving to the special kids in your life.