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CFL Flood


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If youíre looking for a specific type of CFL Flood you know that it can be tough to find what you really need. Lots of places offer flood light bulbs, but they arenít nearly as eco friendly and energy efficient as what we offer with our selection of CFL Flood lights. Did you know that most CFL floods fit into your usual light fixtures? Did you also know that we even offer some of the harder to find bulbs youíre seeking?

For instance, if youíre looking for the energy efficient R40 bulb, then we have just what youíre seeking. We carry the super-bright 23 watt indoor/outdoor reflector R40 bulb to meet your needs. Plus, they come at a really great price to meet your needs as well. If this is the R40 bulb that fits your flood lights, you now have the best place to find them.

If youíre looking for the eco friendly, long lasting R30 CFL flood, then we have what youíre looking for. This bulb has the brightness of a 65 watt incandescent bulb, but itís got a life span you wonít believe. It will last for up to seven years and for you, thatís some major savings. Leave this light on all night long and feel safe and confident that the R30 CFL one wonít burn out.

Why not increase your savings by choosing a four pack of CFL floods for all your lights? Inside or outside, these lights will light your life in the eco friendly way you seek. Experts agree that changing to CFL bulbs is one of the best first steps you could take for an eco friendly lifestyle, so why havenít you made the change yet?