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Pet Bowls


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Dog and pet food may not be the most aesthetically pleasing of all edible products but with cute designer pet bowl, nobody will even notice what’s in it.

We at Pristine Planet know the value of chic designs, quirkiness and functionality and we are positive that our ceramic pet bowl products are a perfect three-way marriage of those important elements.

If you have a more simple and subdued taste in graphics, we have designer dog bowls that will have your beloved canine slobbering you in appreciation once he gets through all that food and sees the pastel illustrations of his own likeness.

Cats of course also have designer cat bowls of their own. With a number of designs to choose from, your four-legged companion will now be assured of a stylish meal everyday no matter what he’s eating.

These environmentally friendly pet bowls and dishes are made from melamine or ceramic and are 100% toxin free! Safe for licking after a yummy meal of milk or liver.

You can also choose designs that can make food service to your VIP (Very Important Pet) a breeze for you.

All of our pet bowls are dishwasher safe so you can just pop in there with your own plate after a hearty home-cooked meal for you and your pet. Relax and enjoy playing with your four-legged friend while the dishwasher does its work.

Be careful though because our pet bowls are not microwave-safe.

All our pet bowls are made from green and organic products so you’ll also be helping out the environment while making sure that Doggy and Kitty are eating in style.

Outdoor pet bowls are also available so that you can go on a picnic with your pet without having to worry about bits and pieces of pet food hiding in every crease of your bag.