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Catnip Toys


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Give your favorite feline friend a treat with Pristine Planet’s cat toy line. Your furry pal will never be bored again—we have toys for even the most aloof of cats. Each organic cat toy is earth-friendly and safe for you and your pet.

Drive your cat wild with some organic catnip. Our catnip comes in a chic resealable and reusable pouch (great for the refills). Each pouch is filled with certified pure catnip and cat grass seeds so you can grow your own later on. We also carry organic catnip refills so your cat can go catnip-crazy.

Use your refills or organic catnip for our line of catnip toys. The Catnip Filled Mouse Toy indulges your cat’s predatory instincts in a safe, fun way. This mouse will certainly have to run for its life—sort of. Each cat toy is filled with organically grown catnip and smells fantastic. Purrfectplay’s Organic Cotton Happy Carrot Cat Toy is a soft, 6 inch carrot filled with the favorite cat aphrodisiac and stimulant to keep your cat happy for hours.

Felted wool cat toys are judiciously scented with organic catnip. It is easy for your cat to run and follow these lightweight balls. Toss them around to get your cat to exercise. There are a lot of catnip toys to choose from, from pouches to mice to kitty mittens. The Kitty Mittens are also filled with catnip and are made from organic fleece.

Round up your collection with our squeaker toy line. Mr. Turtle is made from recycled fibers and soda bottles, is completely machine washable and has a belly that squeaks. We have fish squeaker toys and flower designs that you will surely love to share with all your feline friends.

Our diverse line of organic cat toys will surely please even the most adamant feline connoisseur. The purrfect cat toy can be found right here at Pristine Planet!