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Candelabra CFLs


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Save money and energy by changing your conventional chandelier bulbs to a candelabra CFL bulbs. Everyone loves the classic sophistication and the touch of elegance a chandelier or candelabra brings to a room. It can be the focal point of your bedroom or living room. Turn it into an eco-friendly chandelier by choosing energy-efficient bulbs that not only look great and burn efficiently, but they save you a few bucks along the way.

The Mini-Base CFL Chandelier bulb uses only 7 watts of electricity. These lights are custom made for special light fixtures like your candelabra, wall sconces or electric candlesticks. Save up to 70% on wattage, especially if you use regular 25 watt to 30 watt bulbs, more if you usually buy higher wattage bulbs. These bright burning lights use soft-start technology to give your area the right ambience. They do not flicker and fizz like regular lights.

Candelabra compact fluorescent lights make it easier for you to enjoy the luxury of lighting without worrying about electric bills or too much energy consumption. Imagine the savings if everyone used one! We have everything from 60-watt bulb equivalents to 25 watt equivalents, each drastically reducing your energy consumption at least by 70%.

Change your regular chandelier to an energy efficient one by using a CFL candelabra base. This base simply screws on and allows you to use dimmable CFLs in any and all your light fixtures. Talk about setting the mood. Dimmable CFLs like the 3 Watt LED Candelabra Mount Dimmable series allow you to control the light output anytime you like.

Candelabra CFL bulbs are the economical choice not just for your home, but for your business or office area. They are great for restaurant and inns, themed lighting and anywhere you need chandeliers and lights to burn bright.