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At Pristine Planet we donít think you have to sacrifice comfort or style to achieve sustainability, especially when it comes to clothing. A few years ago, bamboo was unheard of as a clothing material. Sure, you can build scaffolding and even houses out of it, but clothes, and moreover, underwear? Well, you better believe it. Take a look at the camisole set selection we have here.

Each cami set comes with a camisole top and a bikini-style panty. Itís really surprising how well bamboo can be adapted to clothing. It was only a few years ago that advances in bamboo processing technology were made that now allows bamboo to be made into clothing. The resulting bamboo fabric is as smooth as cotton and even more breathable, making it a very comfortable fabric to wear.

Aside from each camisole set being made of natural materials, it is also sexy and stylish. The Red Hot Tiger set gives off a more at home feel, like something youíd wear when curling up in your morning nook on a lazy Sunday morning.

For the woman who loves fashion, the environment, and wants to turn up the heat, the Black & White Tie Affair cami set is the one. The top exposes the midriff, while both pieces are trimmed with black lace. With this on, you can bet that your manís eyes will be on you.

Another women clothes set you may want to look at is a wonderful 4-piece set meant for 2 matching outfits Ė one for mom, and one for baby. This is a gift that will definitely suit any baby shower. Itís made of 100 percent organic cotton, so it is soft, breathable, and does not have any chemical residues that may cause skin irritation.

As you can see, environmental sustainability does not entail sacrificing fashion, comfort, or sexiness.